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Just wanted to fill you in about my room. It was a mini suite of sorts – king size bed, table and 2 chairs placed in front of the windows. Hidden in the alcove was an oversized stuffed chair which was only semi comfortable. Really hidden away was the refridgerator – in a cabinet under the TV.

The added touches which made me feel at home were a nautical decor, books and teddy bears up on the shelves of what looked like a loft and soft classical music playing on the Bose was sweet. What really impressed me was the letter of welcome on the bed with my name on it.

Breakfast was setup on the first floor of the various houses,  and in the main house wine and cheese was served at 5pm. There was an inground pool and jacuzzi in the courtyard, and for those adventurous sunbathers, a private deck was available. 

Parking is tight though they do give you a placard for your windshield during your stay. Everybody here is friendly and very helpful.

The guests here are 99% gay, 3 straight couples and myself. Some of the guys I met are: Jason and Daniel from Washington State. Jason is a hairdresser and Daniel does medical IT. They have been together for 12 years – married out of the country and here on their first holiday in 5 years. Friends of theirs are getting married (“finally,” says Jason) and he’s doidng their hair.

Neil is from Australia, owns a home in Abruzze but now living in Manhattan with his partner. He’s a banker and his partner is a travel writer – Neil loves traveling and photography. He’s very good company as well – we talked the afternoon away, then went to the local hangout for seafood dinner (Lobster Pot).  There we met Karen and Harvey Zucker who own a summer home here in P-Town but live in from Nyack, NY.

John and Suist are from Texas.

Prices range from $130 – $679 depending on season and rooms. Includes breakfast, wine & cheese hour at 5:00pm, wifi, laptops for loan, umbrellas, etc. No young adults under 16. No Pets.
Call 508-487-9005 or

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