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Art Wynwood Show Miami

For four years now, Art Wynwood has held their winter art show the same time as the Miami Boat Show. This year they had 66 exhibitors. According to Grela Oriahuela everyone really brought their A game. “I’m really thrilled with the work that everyone’s brought,” says Oriahuela. “There’s both local and international galleries here. We did some special projects with local galleries in a way to express how Miami is making art and doing beautiful things in the art community year round. This includes a Solo Miami Project with Fredric Snitzer, Emerson Dorsh, Primary Projects, Anthony Spinello, and Gucci Vuitton all participating with a local artist.”

In the photographs below you’ll see everything from a crocheted bicycle, urinal made of white buttons, an old victrola, woman’s face made out of wine bottle corks, pets enjoying the show while being pushed in a stroller and nude art with banana peels.

Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015        Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015    Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015

Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015    Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015    Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015

Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015    Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015 Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015

Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015     Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015    Art Wynwood Show Miami 2015

Four years ago this art show started with 48 exhibitors. Last year they had 30k people walk through the show. This year they anticipated 35k people. Not bad for an art show still in its infancy. It is now considered the most important art fair of the winter season in Miami. It runs alongside the Miami Boat Show and the Coconut Grove Festival. Plus it’s a holiday weekend.

Whether you’re into art or not sure how to appreciate it, there’s something at this show for everyone. “It’s modern, contemporary and emerging, ” says Oriahuela. “We do something other art fairs don’t do which is exhibit a lot of work that’s inspired by the street art movement.” Because it takes place over the weekend you can take your time and go back again. You can get to know both the dealers and artists because a lot of them come and spend the weekend as well.  It’s an art fair for high end collectors and art enthusiast alike. During the show you’ll find galleries making multi-million dollar deals, galleries that are emerging, and people who have never bought art work before. This is the best way to get introduced to art. It’s not as intimidating as one would think and it’s a great place for people to buy their first art piece.

It’s also an awesome place for the kids. They have a kids center available to allow their parents the ability to take a nice leisurely walk around. The kids are being watched by the Miami children’s museum and they do art activities with them. Kids learn about art and are taken on little tours around the exhibits.

Art Wynwood is worth taking time out of your busy schedule. As mentioned above, there is a whole range of artwork for you to enjoy. For more information or to get tickets for next year go to:

In Memory of George Kaiser – Model Ship Builder

I met George Kaiser back in 2007 at an event in Winthrop, MA that I was photographing.  I learned he was a model ship builder and asked for his card. A few months ago I contacted George to see if he was was still building model ships and if so, could I interview him. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of  spending a few hours with him learning about his adventures into model ship building. Here is the interview we did along with a few photos of his models and workspace that are referred to in the interview. Sadly, George passed away February 16, 2015. 

Click on Audio Icon to hear interview 




What a fascinating life journey Mr. Kaiser has had and is having at a
young 87. From the Depression, through WW II to the current. He is so  modest
about his artistic skills and you really captured his charm in this
interview. I will go see his model at the Constitution Museum. Your photos  are great
and makes me yearn to own one.
Thank you for sharing this, it made my day.
Hope to see you soon.Sally Higbee
via email


Boating Accidents in Florida – Press Conference

Since last June I’ve been writing and giving speeches for my Advanced Competent Communicator Award via Toastmasters. The project consists of 10 speeches. The last 5 of which are “Communicating on Video”.  Project #4 is “The Press Conference”. The objectives are:

— To understand the nature of a video broadcast press conference

— To prepare for an adversary confrontation on a controversial or sensitive issue

— To employ appropriate preparation methods and strategies for communicating your organization’s viewpoint

— To present and maintain a positive image

Time: three to five minutes for presentation, two to three minutes for question period.

In light of the recent incident with former Miami Dolphin football player Rob Konrad, I felt it was time to come forward and address the issue of boating accidents. Plus, the seriousness of wearing a life jacket.

Here’s the video of that Press Conference. Let me know your thoughts!

Float Plans – Do You File One?

As the Miami Boat Show quickly approaches it reminds me of the many boaters who travel from all over the world to attend this show. And, I can’t help wondering if the guy I overheard on the bus trip from the parking lot to the Strictly Sail Show ever got his catamaran. If so, did he file a float plan before leaving the show? You see, the guy announced he was there to buy a catamaran though he had never been on one, much less know how to operate one.

At the Ft. Lauderdale Show a couple years ago I had the privilege of interviewing Captain sinkingboat1
Kevin Keith and his girl friend. Captain Keith talked about how his crew became members 
in the survivor club through ACR Electronics. He talked about what happened with his situation and gave details of an interesting rescue where a combination between US Coast Guard and Sea Tow took place.

After the award ceremony I asked Captain Keith if he filed a float plan. His response shocked me. He and his crew had not done this. In fact, he went on to say he wasn’t familiar with them and wasn’t sure where to get one.

float_plan_thumbWe did agree, however, filing a float plan is something they would start doing. “Just as important,” says Captain Keith, “is to make sure the MMSI number for one’s EPIRB gets registered.” The MMSI number should have the contact name of a family member who should know your plans as well as verify the number of people on board, where you went out of, approximately how long you’re going out for. All this information is also on a float plan.

Today it’s really easy to file one. Just go online to Click on the green button that says USCG Float Plan to get the current version. If you have more than 5 passengers or 6 destinations planned for your seafaring voyage, click on the Float Plan Supplemental link to include these extras.

US Power Squadrons Demonstration of Virtual Trainer at MDCE Orlando FL

At the Marine Dealer Conference and Exhibition (MDCE) this year in Orlando I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Herndon. She was talking to a lot of dealers and attendees at the show about the US Power Squadrons latest project – the Virtual Trainer. It’s the result of a grant, the first of its kind and a really neat way to practice/learn how to drive a recreational power boat.

The Virtual Trainer has 9 exercises, is multi-lingual (Spanish and French). You’ll be departing the dock on a 20′ Boston Whaler with a real mercury marine throttle. There are posed exercises to be used with an instructor to help with rules of the road, docking exercises, mooring, navigational, plus more.

For more information go to:


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