What does my membership give me access to?

There are different levels of membership here.

Your free membership entitles you to:

  • Access to the forum (all but selling your boat and discounts, except monthly specials)
  • Transient Talk (blog)
  • Harbormaster’s Corner
  • Interview Series (Audios, transcripts, CD/DVDs)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contests (run every six weeks)
  • Articles (full story)

A Paid membership will allow access to many of the discounts being offered by marinas, and businesses for the boaters as well as selling your boat.

How do I access the forum?

You must create an account first, activate it, then log in.
Go back to the homepage and if you have not created an account, Under Login Form, there is a link to Create an Account.
Fill in the information, make sure you select your gender type then hit register.

You will then get a message saying your account has been created but pending action.  At this point you will need to go to your email account and look for the “response required” email from thenauticallifestyle.  About halfway down the email, you will have a link that needs to be clicked on. This will activate your account.

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