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Dear Boating Enthusiast,

You already know buying a boat is one of the most challenging things you'll ever do in your life. And, it's an awesome way to include both your family and friends. Not to mention all the fun you'll have out on the water. But, do you know the...

Do's and don'ts when buying a boat
Two little known tools surveyors use to determine a boat's age and condition
Three surprising reasons why marinas require the insurance they do
How you can still get a boat loan even if your credit score is less than 720
How a commercial emergency signaling technology has saved more than 25,000 lives since 1982 and is now available for pleasure boaters
What to do when you get caught in a bad storm or heavy weather
Why customizing your electrical and instrument panels makes sense
How Digital Selective Calling and the Automated Identification System saves lives in a Search and Rescue operation
The advantages and disadvantages of having a multihull craft over a monohull
Three powerful strategies you can use to best prepare your boat for rentals
What's changed to take sailing from an amateur sport to top of the game earning a decent living

Now imagine having eleven of the top marine industry experts sitting with you and spilling all of these secrets plus more. Well... now you can!


A complete guide for new and seasoned 
to buy and enjoy your boat

Boating Secrets
 127 Top Tips to Help You Buy and Enjoy Your Boat:
Revealed by Eleven Marine Industry Experts 
(vol. I) 

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Here's An "Inside Look" Into What These 
Industry Professionals Have to Say

  1. Eight steps to take when buying your boat ...
    With expert Captain Chris Kourtakis. Page 5.

  2. Credentials you should look for when hiring a surveyor ...
    With expert Rob Scanlan. Page 27.

  3. Learn what changes have taken place in writing boat loans as a result of the US financial crisis ...
    With expert Jim Coburn. Page 56. 

  4. Why boat insurance prices today are the lowest they've been in 40 years ...
    With expert Mike Smith. Page 42.  

  5. Achieving three positive objectives when renting your boat ...
    With expert Brian Stefka. Page 68.

  6. Learn what the worst type of storm is to be in for your type of boat and area ...
    With expert Timothy Wyand. Page 84.

  7. Learn how pleasure boaters can now use the same equipment used by commercial boaters for search and rescues ...
    With expert Alan Sorum. Page 110.

  8. Effective March 25, 2011, the FCC banned radios that lack a dedicated channel for digital selective calling (What should you do now?) ...
    With expert Captain Chris Kourtakis. Page 117. 

  9. A different attitude toward the seas distinguishes the modern multihuller ...
    With expert Jim Brown. Page 140.

  10. Why it's worth having a customized panel made for your boat ...
    With expert Mark Rogers. Page 156. 

  11. What's changed to distinguish the amateur sailor from the professional sailor ...
    With expert Brian Hancock. Page 177. 

  12. *Bonus Chapter ... Seven Tips To A Successful Sale of Your Used Boat
    Written by Robin G. Coles. Page 193.

Robin Coles has impressed me very much as a friend and an advocate to the marine industry. Her website has become a work of "internet art" for the average boater.

I listened to her discussions with industry experts that are the basis for her book and was totally impressed at the quality of her participating experts, their knowledge and Robin's ability to ask the right questions, as well as her follow up questions.

Anyone seeking to purchase a new boat or intending to buy a larger boat should have her book in their library.

Captain Leo Corsetti
Arlington, MA
Retired, Tone President
Proud Tartan Owner

Robin Coles has done a wonderful job of covering a comprehensive list of topics that will help new and experienced boaters get the most out of their investment. 
An educated boater is a better boater and a better boater is much more likely to enjoy a lifetime of fun with family and friends.  

Robin taps into many of the recreational boating industry's most experienced experts who will help you avoid many of the situations that inexperienced boaters could find themselves in.  A boat is a significant investment of your time in an era where free time is much harder to come by.  

This Nautical Lifestyle Expert Series is sure to help you maximize your investment while making you a better captain when you inevitably find yourselves in harrowing situations. As the captain, you take on huge responsibilities and it's important that boating safety is always top of mind.  It may save your life or one of your loved ones. 

Carl Blackwell
Vice President 
Discover Boating
National Marine Manufactures Association (NMMA)

Here's what you'll discover...

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Again, Boating Secrets can be yours and you can read where you're sitting right now or use it as a reference. You'll be trained by eleven of the best marine industry experts on how to save money on your boat insurance, why you should customize your instrument panels and stay safe on the water.

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My name is Robin G. Coles, your boating advocate, and I want to thank you for ordering your copy of Boating Secrets today. 


Safe boating,

Robin G. Coles

 Again, Boating Secrets can be yours and you can read it where you're sitting right now or use it as a reference. You'll be trained by eleven of the best marine industry experts on how to save money on your boat insurance, why you should customize your instrument panels and stay safe on the water.

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