"Are You Ready to Sell Your Products
Online This Holiday Season?"

In just 5 easy steps you'll learn the most 
effective ways to get on the fast track to a
more profitable holiday season 
that You Built!


From: Robin G. Coles

RE: The Nautical Lifestyle's Online Holiday Event

Dear Entrepreneur:

Beginning November 4th a brand new webinar will be held online with one sole purpose and that is to help you increase your sales during the 2012 holiday season.

Today, social media may seem like the answer, but it's just one waterway. Depending on your target audience, you may need to resort back to basics. For example; in a seminar I recently attended, there were 30 participants who said they use Facebook. Out of those 30, only 3 people said they actually click on Facebook ads. Out of those 30, only 3 people said they actually click on Facebook ads. So you can see that only 10% of those people click on ads, and that's only if they even see your ad in the first place (just maybe Facebook isn't the "end all solution" the social media gurus are claiming it to be, hmm?).

Unlike a customer coming into your store to touch and see a product - selling online takes time, stories, and photographs. Your customer needs to not only see what they're buying but also be able to trust you based on the words you use. They also want to feel they've gotten a good deal from you; especially where shipping may be involved. Last but not least, your customer will want to feel heard if a problem arises with their order. In 3 words, they need to know you, like you, and trust you so they [your customers] will be comfortable in buying form you online. 

As you can imagine, there's more to selling online than just throwing a photograph up. There's choosing the right product, finding the best way to sell and/or promote your product, converting to sales, and getting referrals. Each of these steps in the process are critical to the success of your promotions.

What Are The 5 Killer Steps To a Profitable
Holiday Season That You've Built?

Plain and simple - it's 5 one-hour sessions of step-by-step marketing to help you increase product awareness and sales during the holiday season.  

Here's what you'll learn:

Session 1


"Getting Back to Basics"

Here's what you'll discover in this presentation...

What makes your product different than your competitors?
What has worked in the past?

What new ideas have you come up with for your product?
Combining past with new marketing strategies now

Session 2

"Select 1 Product to Sell"

Here's what you'll discover in this presentation...

What's the offer and your message
Text, audio
Video, photographs

Session 3


Here's what you'll discover in this presentation...

Current customers and employees
Press releases

Session 4

"Cross Promotion"

Here's what you'll discover in this presentation...

Social Media

Session 5

"Advanced Marketing Strategies"

Here's what you'll discover in this presentation...

QR Codes
Joint Ventures

As you can see, each session is jam-packed with helping you get your product known, marketed, and sold during the holiday season and beyond. 

How Does This Differ From Any Other
Online Marketing Course?

First, they invite everybody and just want bodies there. The more the better.

Second, I've taken some of those other types of online marketing courses and left more confused. These seminars spend a lot of time talking but just aren't focused enough. 

Third, you have to depend on your notes and memory to remember what they talked about.

We're keeping ours niche specific - limiting it to the boating/marine industry.

Each session will be a maximum of 45 minutes to educate you on what you can expect from this type of process. This includes specific assignments for your company and product. You'll also get to ask questions ahead of time when you register to guarantee an answer. Of course, the last 5 - 10 minutes of each presentation will also be open for Q&A. Not to mention the fact that we will have an online support group available via email to answer any specific questions/concerns you may have.



We've added lots of bonuses too!

1.  Seminar Recordings

MP3 recording plus written transcription of all the sessions, we want you to learn and do as 
you go, not worry about taking notes.

Value: $297
2.  Action Checklist Sheet

Hand outs to fill in as we work on each   session together. These action steps will give you a healthier understanding of who your customers are. They will also enhance your offer and sales message. You can use the hand outs for both local and online marketing.

Value: $97
3.  Proven samples 

Real examples of cross promotional pieces you can tweak for your business.

Value: $197

4.  The Nautical Lifestyle's Online Holiday Event 

Starting November 15th, by participating in this webinar, you are automatically enrolled in TheNauticalLifestyle's online holiday event. And we will become one of your cross promoters for the month leading up to the Christmas holiday.

Value: $197
Total Value: $788.00

Plus, all the work we've done till November 15th 
will have you prepared and set up for the 
cross promotion of your product, and 
you'll get to experience for yourself 
how this works.


Online Holiday Event Webinar Details

Dates of the Training Webinars
Sundays and Wednesdays
November 4, 7, 11, 14, 18



At the end of the Online Holiday Event Webinar, you will have:

  • A better understanding of the type of marketing that's right for your business.

  • New ideas you can use to sell your products both online and offline.

  • Meet others in the marine industry who can help you cross promote your products.

  • A recording to listen to over and over again any time you need to refresh what was said, rather than rely on your memory or notes.

  • Now it is show time and time to throw you into a real live cross promotion; starting November 15th.



You get all of this and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back - no questions asked!

If for any reason, you feel we did not live up to our end and provide you with the tools necessary to sell your products online this holiday season, request a refund and we'll return your registration fee within 24 hours. No hard feelings.


How much is this kind of fact-finding,
training worth to you?

This is a step-by-step process that takes you through the online process for selling your products, which you'll benefit for years to come. Plus, everything you'll learn here is usable in your business above and beyond The Nautical Lifestyle's cross promotion.

The true value of this seminar is $788. By packaging it all together I'd normally charge $497. But, you won't pay that, I'm going to spot you $200 so you pay $297 instead. 

Signup now, participation is limited to 50 people.

100% Safe and Secure


The price for this webinar is...


Join us in The Nautical Lifestyle's 2012 
Online Holiday Events and prepare to 
enhance your online sales...

Robin G. Coles

P.S. - Don't put it off. Register now - even if you aren't sure you can make it.



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