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An Interview with Peter C. Stone

About a year ago I attended a lecture at Whitney Labs in St. Augustine, FL. At the time I never heard of Whitney Labs, never mind going to hear some guy talk about Right Whales. However, I went and learned quite a bit.

What I learned was that the guy’s name is Peter C. Stone and he’s from Massachusetts. He loves to sail, paint, and write books. So, I did what anyone would do who’s a Fleet Captain of Meetings for a sailing club. I hired him to speak at Pelagic Sailing Club sometime during the year when he’s back in Boston.

As Peter’s talk for Pelagic approached, we reconnected and he sent me an email saying he was coming back to Flagler Beach, FL for a showing at the Ocean Art Gallery. It was here that we met again and this time I scheduled some one-on-one time to interview Peter myself.  We met a few days later at Palm Coast Marina in Palm Coast. Peter also took time to talk with Harbormaster Debbie Hogan.

Below is a 15 minute interview we did while sitting outside under a tent in the pouring rain (makes great background noise).    Enjoy!


Palm Coast Marina and Peter C Stone   Palm Coast Marina and Peter C Stone   Palm Coast Marina and Peter C Stone

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