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King Richard’s Renaissance Faire New England Style

KingRichardsFaire_7953When King Richard’s Faire opened in the 1980’s there was nothing like this in New England.  But, with billboards, newspapers, TV, and social media, it didn’t take long to grab New England’s attention.

King Richard’s Faire became such a popular event for Renaissance folks you need to get there early for a good parking space.  Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of free parking.

Every year beginning Labor Day weekend the fair still draws a crowd. “We are an interactive theater,” says Bonnie Shapiro, owner of King Richard’s Faire. “We have very talented performers who come from all over the country.  Some of them have been on Broadway.  Others have won Tony KingRichardsFaire_7924Awards, while others are professionals who act full-time.” For instance, Queen Anne lives in the
Southern Realm of Florida.  She used to visit the Northern Realm many years ago as a young girl, got to know the people who work at King Richard’s Faire. “They were so welcoming and kind,” says Queen Anne, “they made me feel right at home right away. So, after one auditions and deemed worthy, they casted me for the role.”

There are games for children of all ages.  Puppets reach 12 feet in the air.  Other activities include musicians, singers, dancers, mimes, a jousting court, and rides for the kids.  You’ll see lots of cast and characters fully clad in traditional renaissance costumes.  For example, Ryan Hankey who serves pickles, does sketches and sings Shakespeare’s Hamlet pickle song. Not to mention the adults who walk around in their homemade outfits. These are experiences you would not have anywhere else.

KingRichardsFaire_7940  KingRichardsFaire_7931  KingRichardsFaire_7941  King Richard's Faire  KingRichardsFaire_7989  KingRichardsFaire_7945  KingRichardsFaire_7938  KingRichardsFaire_7928  KingRichardsFaire_7923  KingRichardsFaire_7952  KingRichardsFaire_7962  KingRichardsFaire_7960

It’s not just for New Englanders.  Artisans come from all over the world to participate and sell their wares.  There are costume makers, tails, wood crafts, candles, stain glass, and astrology readers just to name a few. For example:

— Julie Sutter, of Pottery by Sutter. Each piece has a personal touch and only sold at Renaissance fairs.

— Mardigan’s Maile Collectables of handpainted Fairies, Dragons and more.

— Mystic Rhythms musical instruments

— Mill’s Wax works

— Even left handed mugs

   KingRichardsFaire_7993 KingRichardsFaire_8000 KingRichardsFaire_7999 KingRichardsFaire_7998     

Offering traditional food fit for a king, there’s a few scraps for those plagued with food allergies.  “We want people to come and forget their problems,” says Shapiro. “Plus be happy here. Our goal every year is to add more gluten free or things for vegetarians.  It’s difficult at a fun-filled grab a turkey leg and potato or chowder kind of festival to supply people with a real healthy alternative.”

King Richard's Faire      KingRichardsFaire_7937

So, if you’re looking for an escape from reality, King Richard’s Faire is the place to be.  You’ll make thousands of memories here in one day.

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