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Pelican Place – Pompano Beach, FL

Ah, now I can relax! My drive down from Palm Coast took less time than I anticipated. However, by the time I arrived in Pompano Beach I was exhausted and my clothes were soaked from the hot sun. Of course it didn’t help that the sun roof Pompano Beach 2014was open the entire drive.  My destination is the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.  Pelican Place, Pompano Beach is where I’ll stay for a few days. Elaine Fitzgerald, proud owner of Pelican Place, and I were scheduled to meet in an hour.  A quick phone call and we moved up our meeting time.

The main entrance greets you with a trellis of flowers, cozy tables and chairs clustered on the front porch. Right away you get the feeling this could be your new home away from home. I parked myself on one of the chairs while I waited.

When it comes to her guests, Elaine likes to meet every one.  If you arrive late at night, Elaine will meet you the next morning.   She feels it’s important to go over everything on the property and let you know where to find things. In fact, Elaine tries to put herself in her guests shoes; what makes them tick and how to make their stay most enjoyable.

Pompano Beach 2014Each cottage has a 3-ring binder packed with pages of listings.  This includes the best walk-in emergency center close by and a dental office.  Elaine told me one of her guests did or still does write for Zagat which you can find in the notebook. “Some reviews may be a year old,” says Elaine “but they’re spot on.”  All the supplies you’ll need for cooking and cleaning as well as beach towels, chairs, and cooler are available as well.   

As we drove around, I learned Elaine owns four properties.  Each one consists of cottages similar in style and usually booked up. As she talked about all the new city projects you could feel the excitement in the air. One project includes the renovations of an old building for an FLIBS and Pompano Beach 2014artist community with lofts. If you live in Pompano Beach and are interested in owning one of these lofts, ask Elaine or another member of the Economic Development Committee.

I’m back from the tour and sitting poolside at Pineapple Place. The temps are really hot here and I’m in the shade. The pool is next door to Pelican Place and available for both places.

It’s a comfortable atmosphere. What I love most is it’s across the street from the beach and fishing pier. Each patio outside has a gas grill, tables, umbrellas, chairs and loungers. Overhead is a small yellow jet that keeps flying around. A small orange one flies by a few minutes later.  They both remind me of the Blue Angels when they rehearse turning on their sides. I feel right at home now. 🙂 I wonder if there’s a show coming up at the Airpark down the street.

FLIBS and Pompano Beach 2014      FLIBS and Pompano Beach 2014       Pompano Beach 2014

To book your visit to Pelican Place or any other cottage owned by Elaine Fitzgerald go to:   or call her at: (954) 283-1111.

Prices range from $89 – $109 May 2nd thru Dec 11th.

Additional charge for exit cleaning to wash sheets and towels used.

Free beach bus service available around Pompano Beach

If you’re into dancing as well, check out Elaine’s other passion at:


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