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TNL Newsletter – Why You Should Attend Boat Shows

by Robin G. Coles

Whether you’re buying, browsing or learning, a boat show is a great place to start. You get to see what’s new and keep current on the latest trends.

Of course, picturing yourself on one of the luxury yachts isn’t bad either. At some shows you actually get to climb aboard those luxury yachts. Or at least have your picture taken standing in front of them.

In an interview with Joe O’Neal, show director for the New England Boat Show in Boston, he talked about his main goal for the show. It is to create a marketplace for the dealers and the manufacturers to sell all their products. He also needs to create a marketplace for the consumer to come in and hopefully in one or two days, view everything they need to view to make a decision. That’s a tall order for the show director.

However, imagine how much time, effort, and more…

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