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Boating and Cancer

I recently ran across an article titled:

Hope Remains Afloat through Dragon Boating where Janice McAuley talks about what it’s like to lose a year of her life due to cancer.  After finishing her treatment she had to find a way to transition back to life. But life post-cancer isn’t what it used to be, so many [people] turn to boating.

This was true in my case as well. There’s something about the whole experience of being on a boat that is calming. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the ocean or a lake. For me, the pace of sailing was the answer. A far cry from the hectic life I led before cancer. For Janice, it’s dragon boating.

To read more about Janice’s story click here:

If you know any organizations that offer boating days/specials for cancer patients let us know.

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