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Provincetown, MA

Provincetown (aka P-Town) has lots of sanddunes, miles of beaches, 3 marinas (MacMillan’s Wharf, Provincetown Marina and Flyer’s Boat Rental), friendly people, entertainment, restaurants and history. Speaking of history, did you know that the Pilgrims actually landed here in P-Town before moving to Plymouth? They couldn’t stay here because the sanddunes didn’t make good farmland, so they had to leave.

This August Provincetown will be celebrating their 100th anniversary and from what I hear – they have one helluva party planned. The Chamber of Commerce is planning all kinds of events and for more information go to:

The other night I went on a cruise sponsored by both the Chamber of Commerce and the Mason’s. It was on this cruise that I met Lady Di. Though only in P-Town a couple of years, Lady Di has got quite the reputation. Like the late Princess of Wales, this Lady Di is always involved in some sort of charity. But, unlike Princess Diana, this Lady Di can not be found during the day in the office. (more about Lady Di later)

Others I’ve met on the cruise around the harbor were Dr. John McGovern, the proud owner of Sleek1 – named after his wife who’s always sleek, Amy from South Wales who’s been coming to P-Town since she was three years old and her girlfriend Allie from West Hampstead, UK.

Along the boardwalk from the Chamber office to MacMillan Wharf is quite a hike, especially on a hot and humid day. However, along the way I met Jack at Ceejay Fishing. His shack offers fishing events where you can catch 12″ flounder in the winter, 17 1/2″ fluke in the summers, striped bass and bluefish. Since bluefish is oily, it must be cooked that day, so to help you out, Townsend Lobster Mart will clean your fish for 50 cents each or for $6.50 you can have four filets cooked, get coleslaw, french fries and a soft drink. This is a great deal, especially if you’re like me and don’t like to cook or clean fish.

Next I stopped at a booth offering cruises and/or parasailing. Here I met Lia and Elena from Bulgaria and they are here for the summer enjoying the sun, people and their job. One of the things their booth offers is a ride out into the ocean to see all the starfish and other living creatures. Besides these two booths were many others offering whale watches, ferries to Boston and other parts, as well as fishing. At the end of the pier is the Harbormaster’s (Scott) office, a museum and a new pavillion under construction.

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