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Boating Accidents in Florida – Press Conference

Since last June I’ve been writing and giving speeches for my Advanced Competent Communicator Award via Toastmasters. The project consists of 10 speeches. The last 5 of which are “Communicating on Video”.  Project #4 is “The Press Conference”. The objectives are:

— To understand the nature of a video broadcast press conference

— To prepare for an adversary confrontation on a controversial or sensitive issue

— To employ appropriate preparation methods and strategies for communicating your organization’s viewpoint

— To present and maintain a positive image

Time: three to five minutes for presentation, two to three minutes for question period.

In light of the recent incident with former Miami Dolphin football player Rob Konrad, I felt it was time to come forward and address the issue of boating accidents. Plus, the seriousness of wearing a life jacket.

Here’s the video of that Press Conference. Let me know your thoughts!

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John TovrovFebruary 9th, 2015 at 8:44 am

Robin –

Very nice.

I admire your doing the Toastmasters program. I’ve made a couple of false starts, couldn’t stick with it for various reasons.

I suspect that the group will give you all the feedback you need.

For additional training, if you wish and want to spend the money, the Dale Carnegie course is very powerful.

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